Cummins Insite 7.5

Cummins Insite 7.5

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Cummins Insite 7.5


Cummins INSITE v7.5, diagnostic software for Cummins Engines & ECM Units.

For use Cummins INSITE need adapter support RP1210 (Dearborn DPA-4+ or Nexiq USB-Link), also can work with dealer interface Inline 4 or Inline 5.

Cummins NSITE v7.5 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that INSITETM v7.2 is now in production. This latest version of INSITETM supports all new and existing Cummins engine platforms.

Cummins Insite New Features and Support
* INSITE v7.2 added support for these engines:
o ISLe4.5 - CM2150E
o ISLe5 - CM2150E
o ISMe4 - CM876

Cummins INSITE v7.2 added functionality (See Link for Details)
o Inactive Fault Code Reset with ECM Multi-Level Security
o Context Sensitive Help/F1 Help
o 30 Second Key Switch Timer
o INSITE Exit Confirmation Box
o Data Link Adapter Auto Configure

Cummins New ECM Diagnostic Tests (For Details Click Here OR Refer to the Release Notes)
o Air Fuel Ratio Test
o Manual Fuel Control Valve Adjustment
o Aftertreatment High NOx Reset Test

* New Advanced ECM Data (For Details Click Here)
o Immobilizer Installation
o Vehicle classification

Cummins INSITE v7.5 will be delivered to all Distributors by last week of October 2008. All other INSITE registered users should begin receiving copies in November 2008

Cummins Installation Information

Always read the installation guide and release information included with your INSITE v7.2 CD-ROM. You can find these by inserting the CD-ROM and choosing "Release Notes" or "New Features". These files contain key information about INSITE v7.2 and should always be reviewed before installing.

* INSITE v7.2 will update any current INSITE software version 7.0, 7.0 FP1, 7.0 FP2, 7.1, and 7.1 FP1. If you already have an active subscription to INSITE, a new password will not be required.
* It is recommended to backup existing INSITE Work Orders prior to the installation of version 7.2. To do this:
o Backup the entire folder c:IntelectINSITEWorkOrders (default location) to a shared drive or CD
o Backup the data.wo file located in the c: or d:IntelectUserSettings folder

Cummins Inc. Power Sweep Users

INSITE v7.2 is available on the Cummins Software Shelf for PowerSweep users. The option to install from the network or CD-ROM is available on Software Shelf. The CD-ROM installation is recommended if a broadband connection is not available. The install bulletin may be viewed prior to the start of installation.

Operating Systems Supported by INSITE v7.5
Windows 2000
Windows XP(Recommended)
Windows Vista
* Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit are not supported
* INSITE v7.2 is supported in the following languages English, Chinese (simplified), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish

INSITE v7.5 supports ALL new and existing legacy Cummins engine platforms. Please read through the rest of this announcement for more information and details on this latest software release.

New Features and Support

* INSITETM v7.5 Features adds support for these engines
o Gas Compression GTA3.9/5.9/8.3GC, KTA19/38GC - SSM558/CM556
o Gas CENSE - QSK19G/38G/60G, QSV81/91 - CM850
o QST30 - PowerGen
o QSK23 - PowerGen
o ISFe3 - CM2150
* New ECM Diagnostic Tests
o Actuator Control Test
o Air to Fuel Ratio Test
o Engine Protection Witness Test
o Dual Fan Clutch Control
* Supports PowerMatch calibration downloads based on an ECM Serial Number
* Images from INSITE 6.5.1/6.5.2 can be used to create templates in 7.0
* German Language Support
* Performance Improvements
o The Feature and Parameters population and adjustment times have been improved as well as reset functions for all engines

INSITE 7.5 Feature Pack 1 is now available for download.

To ensure that the INSITE 7.5 program is performing to its fullest potential, the installation of Feature Pack 1 is recommended. If experiencing any of the issues listed below, please install INSITE 7.0 Feature Pack 1. It is not required if INSITE 7.0 is not experiencing these issues.

INSITE 7.5 Feature Pack 1 can be downloaded from HERE.

INSITE v7.5 must be installed before installing this Feature Pack.

Cummins Insite 7.5 Software Download

  • Software Version: [08/2011]
  • Catalogue: Diagnostic Software
  • Manufacturer: Cummins
  • Region: WorldWide
  • Languages: English, Chinese (simplified), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish
  • Disks: 1 DVD
  • OS: WinXP, Win7
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