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Ford USA Proquest NEW

Ford USA Proquest NEW

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  • Manufactured by: Ford
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Ford USA Proquest NEW


Electronic database of Ford USA Proquest is a directory of spare parts for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury passenger cars and light trucks, which contains a detailed catalog of parts and accessories, spare parts management, parts of the books.

Spare parts catalog Ford USA Proquest has the following advantages:
- Intuitive navigation for both novice and experienced users.
- Navigation (graphics, keyboard shortcuts).
- Part text layout similar to paper catalogs for instant familiarity.
- Fast, error-free search of the Ford service parts, the base part number, part name, ID number, Engineering number, VIN, illustrations or group number.
- Access to detailed illustrations.
- Complete OSI (Obsolete, replacement, exchange) of the data information to reduce obsolete parts inventory and order the latest details.
- Shortcuts save time for experienced users.
- Integration of parts lists with in-house inventory system eliminates re-entering information and reduces errors.
- Improved navigation GCAT.
- Integration D2D Link Parts Locator. Necessary parts to Ford EPC find and order the actual parts using D2D Link Parts Locator.

Ford USA Proquest has the following features:
- Shortcuts save time for experienced users.
- Re-large windows.
- A page with the illustrations.
- Zoom function for instant access to enlarged images.
- VIN decoding to display vehicle-specific parts information.
- Automatically filters to the appropriate engine based on the VIN entered.
- Monthly updated information price of the book.
- Year, model and group indexes.
- Links between text and illustrations.
- See parts catalog for basic number when the exact part number is unknown.
- A page with the illustrations.
- Outgoing fax fax text and illustrations directly from the PC (requires phone line).
- Instant access to your internal inventory system.
- Capacity to customize parts data by adding your own notes.
- Online help screens to minimize the learning curve for new users.
- Online and user manual minimize new user training time and shows features and functionality.
- Print high-quality text and illustrations.

Electronic program interface Ford USA Proquest very simple and convenient, it lets you search for parts on the model, the serial number, the catalog Ford USA Proquest has a list of applicability of a detail, the program contains service bulletins.
Ford USA Proquest program running on one DVD DL and supports English language. Directory data updated monthly.
Book Parts Ford USA Proquest is an electronic catalog of spare parts for trucks and all types of equipment Yale, for processing materials.

The catalog also contains information about spare parts for medium and heavy trucks Ford USA.

The advantages of this directory is:
See Benefits of Ford EPC - U.S..
VIN Decode for 1980 - current vehicles average.
VIN Decode for 1980 - 1998 Heavy Duty Truck.
VBOM (vehicle specification) data for 1991 - current vehicles average.
VBOM (vehicle specification) data for 1991 - 1998 heavy trucks.

Conflict Catalogue Ford USA ProQuest 2011 with other catalogs:
- When using a 6 or 8 digit VIN decoding in a classic application can crash the application
- Fix that for 6 or 8 digits decoding 1FAFP52S5WA260159 variable was not initialized. This code will solve the problem.

Ford USA Proquest NEW Software Download

  • Software Version: [10/2011]
  • Catalogue: spare parts catalog
  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Region: USA
  • Languages: EN
  • Disks: 1 DVD DL
  • OS: WinXP, Win7
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