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Toyota Lexus EPC 2010 FULL

Toyota Lexus EPC 2010 FULL

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Toyota Lexus EPC 2010 FULL

Electronic spare parts catalog for Toyota and Lexus Cars - full. Includes all models and all engines of Toyota and LExus for all markets.

Toyota EPC program has one of the best among all programs because of it's interface and capabilities for installing and configuring the program. Toyota Epc program has four built-in languages (English, French, German, Spanish) the name of spare parts and five interface languages, and one of four built-in customizable. Toyota program can be installed completely or partially on the "hard drive", or work only with CD. For normal operation requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

Toyota EPC program contains schematic device all cars Toyota and Lexus. The program is very convenient and easy to use. Directory for RHD cars attached file with the prices of spare parts in Japan. Toyota EPC program also allows to determine the year and month of manufacture cars by make and VIN.

The program has a Toyota Epc search on VIN, on model and body type, as well as a great opportunity to find applicability of the part number and receive a list of parts numbers for different models.

The complete drive program consists of 18 CD (without installation), this set includes the following discs: Toyota Europe 4 CD, Toyota General 4 CD, Toyota USA. 2 CD, Toyota Japan 5 CD and three additional drive Toyota Frame. Wheels Toyota Frame is divided into Toyota Over Sea 2 CD and Toyota Japan 1CD. Wheels Toyota Frame is not a directory, these discs contain information on the VIN, as well as numbers and models of chassis, which are not represented on the primary drive and does not fall under the definition in the program regions. The program except for cars and vans and trucks are presented.

Some codes such as JTB ... , JTC ... can not read directories Toyota EPC. This real VIN-codes Toyota. In what may be the reasons?
First - this may be an Australian car production, and secondly, VIN-code can be interrupted, thirdly, a catalog that you are using may not support this VIN-code. JTB ... , JTC ... - These are new codes introduced Concern Toyota, as the old procedure codes over. Incorrectly entered code may cause error in finding the correct parts. You may get difficulties in deciphering the Japanese VIN-code, he entered a little differently, you must score model, then the last 7 digits - number of the body.

How to work with the program Toyota EPC (English)
How to install the Toyota EPC (English)
How to install the Toyota EPC
An example of selecting parts in the program TOYOTA, in pictures.
How russifitsirovat program.

Initial installation program Toyota Epc.
Set the screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels:
Start-> Control Board-> Display-> Settings
Run setup, located on the CD-ROM in the directory WIN95, using the file manager (Explorer, FAR, Norton Commander) or via the menu:
Start-> Run-> "d: setup.exe", where instead of d indicate the letter corresponding to your CD-ROM.
Answer "OK" and "Next" to all requests installer. After installation in the "Programs" icon appears on the program EPC: "EPC for Windows".

Installation CD.
In the main menu, select "7. Installation CD", then again click "Install CD".
Now it should be noted that the CD drive that you want to install. To do this, select the region of production car (area) and the ID of the CD-ROM. For example, your CD is called "Japan A1". So, you need to put a checkmark in the "Japanese area version". Fields "Frame No CD" is not used.
Click "ADD" in the appropriate field. Select a label in accordance with the CD that is available on your CD-ROM. For example, "A1". Leave Index "CD-ROM", if you insert the CD every time on the job, or "HDD", to copy the entire CD to him. Note that in the latter case, the hard drive should be sufficient free space (650 MB). If you install multiple CD for one region (for example, A1 and A2), check them all, holding down CTRL.
Press F10 to apply the changes. The program will write the system files or the entire contents of the CD-ROM to your hard drive. This may take some time.
If you study the cars Lexus (U.S. subsidiary Toyota), you must enter the password (click "Check dealer LEXUS").

Return to Main Menu. Now you can use the program.

Select the car.
In the main menu of the Toyota Epc select "1. Definition of catalog numbers.
In the "VEHICLE INPUT" press "Search" in the name / code of the catalog.
From the list, select a car. If the first three letters in the name of automobiles are not shown - change the settings in WINDOWS - "Large Font" to "Small Font", but it does not interfere with the work (the only - can not see the names of cars up to three characters).
Select the brand of car in accordance with the name and brand of the body. For example, if you build a Japanese Toyota Corolla with the body AE91, choose "COROLLA, AE9 #, CE9 #, EE9 #". Please note that the stamp body is very important to choose the year of release is not necessary.
In the "VEHICLE INPUT" press "Search" in the "MODEL".
Select the brand model of your car. It is on the car hood plate after MODEL. If the values MODEL at your fingertips no, it's not scary. Choose the basis of other data about the car: Make the body, the brand of the engine, gearbox or automatic (MTM (5F) or ATM (4FC)). If your machine meet several identical lines, choose any.
In the "VEHICLE INPUT" in the "VIN" specify the number of the body machine (brand body will be automatically substituted in the previous step) and press Enter. If the chassis number is entered correctly - to be automatically identified month and year of issue of the car. If the chassis number is unknown, it is not scary, the program works without it. But consider that for the same brand, some body parts may differ (mainly are differences by year of release), and unequivocally can determine the required number of spare parts only for chassis number.
Fields Color Code and Trim Code fill not necessarily (their values are also available on hood plate).
To continue not to enter all data again, it is recommended to save the entered information. To do this, click "Save.". With further work, you can simply load previously saved data by clicking "Open.".
Press F10. If the entered data are insufficient to uniquely determine the desired vehicle, the system will report this and ask to enter the maximum amount of data. If all data is entered correctly, you'll go out the window "SEARCH ROUTE".

Select required parts.

1. In the "SEARCH ROUTE" you can select a group of interest to you or to search for spare parts spare parts required by its name or catalog number.

1.1 Election of drawings. All figures are divided into four groups:
- Engine and fuel system
- Chassis
- Body Parts
- Electrical and optical
Please tick those groups parts that interest you, and then F10.
1.2 Search by catalog number. Enter the part number of the form "XXXXX-XXXXX". ID may also contain an additional 2 digits. Press F10.
1.3 Search by keyword. Type the word in the name of spare parts required (in English). For example, if you are interested in supporting ball (BALL JOINT), or enter BALL JOINT, and press F10. In the search, a list of all the parts containing the desired word. It remains to select the desired.
2. Will be displayed schematic drawing of the required spare parts or groups of parts. When selecting parts in the picture and pressing F10 will be defined by its catalog number. Catalog number TOYOTA has the form "XXXX-XXXX", where X is a digit. Sometimes the room has an additional two digits "-XX", mainly to indicate the size of some repair parts.

The main navigation buttons:
"F1" - help (in English).
"F2" - print.
"F3" - a return to the previous screen.
"F4" - exit to the main menu.
"F6" - print screen.
"F7" and "F8" - previous and next page (if you have multiple pages). For example, if a given model of car produced with different types of engines and bodies, and you do not specify the brand and the car body, respectively, the engine, choosing some parts related to the engine, you get a few pages - for all types of which places this car engines, and the choice of body parts - page with different models of bodies.
"F10" - performance. After each selection pattern or parts need to press F10.
"F11" - clean.
"F12" - information about the car: engine parameters (volume, number of valves, fuel system type, etc.), the full name of the model, additional data.

Search by catalog number.
In the main menu of the Toyota Epc select "2. Search by catalog number.
In the "PART NUMBER APPLICATION TO MODELS" enter the catalog number are interested in spare parts. If required, you must first insert the CD and press F12 in the pop-up window.
Press Enter, then F10.

In the final table will display all car models (available on the CD-ROM), which were set to spare with this number. Thus, you can determine which are the models of machines is that interests you spare. This can be useful when searching for used parts. For example, if you build a Japanese Toyota Kaldina with body ST210 and you need a front left arm, you can, by defining its number (48069-20221), to learn that he was raised as to Kaldinu with body CT196, the Crown of with bodywork, AT21 #, and Karina with body AT21 #.
All other menu items are designed for dealers and shops that are working intensively with catalogs Toyota. At home, these operations need not be applied.

Toyota Lexus EPC 2010 FULL Software Download

  • Software Version: [03/2010]
  • Catalogue: spare parts catalog
  • Manufacturer: Lexus
  • Region: WorldWide
  • Languages: EN
  • Disks: 1 DVD
  • OS: WinXP, Win7
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